The Boy/Girl Chose Safety – The Man/Woman Chose to Serve

This month we celebrate Veterans day! To all our Veterans and to all who serve, we thank you because you are the reason America is free today. Our hearts burst with pride and thanksgiving for you. So many young boys and girls, just out of high school, are now risking their lives every day to protect our freedom.

I remember well the day my son, David, joined the Air Force. After finishing basics, parents are invited to watch in their graduation ceremony. Words can never describe how proud I was that day watching my son, and all the other men and women, marching to the beat of those military drums there in San Antonio. How do I describe that moment? It was like stepping into another world as we watched our sons and daughters shed their adolescent cocoons. It was a true metamorphosis, taking place right before our eyes. We sat there in awe seeing the transition of our children emerging from the protected parental cocoon into trained brave men and women who now belong to United States Armed Forces. Wow! It was truly a breath taking moment. My son, who for so many years had chosen safety, now, along with so many other young men and women, now choose to serve.

God bless them all, and God bless our great country – America.

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