The Cold War on Love

Research reveals we spend over $300,000 in a lifetime maintaining our desire to be healthy, and even a Textingmuch greater amount on our desire to be financially secure.

Others are financially ruined and physically bankrupted from seeking love in all the wrong places. Jesus said love is the greatest of all wants and needs. Mother Teresa related that there is no greater deprivation in the world today than the lack of love.

We are in a cold war, attacking the very existence of meaningful, love relationships. We fear nuclear war, poverty, drugs, or losing patriotism. But, we should more concerned about the desire to love God, family, and one another.

Our children and grandchildren are growing up in an era of technology where personal and social contact with friends and family is no longer needed (and sometimes not even wanted).  Text messaging, emails, Facebook, and Twitter may be good in moderation, but they should not exclude personal communication that fosters emotional connections with family and loved ones.

Those things that we want most, like health, riches, honor and love, are found in Wisdom and in the Fear of the Lord according to Solomon in Proverbs 3. He did not say if you text 500 messages a day, twitter a little, put a few family photos on facebook, forward an email to 10 people, and request one back to know you are loved. Still doubting? Ask for a hit on the like button at the bottom of the web site. Texting but Still AloneYou are now technically liked/loved. Have a blessed mechanical, anti-social day.

There is a place and time for modern technology, but it should not replace a loved one’s voice, nor should technical support replace loving personal support. It wasn’t so long ago that we sat in a theater and heard those four beautiful words “ET phone home” – today the script would read “ET text home”.   Technical communication eliminates most emotions, saves time, and personal involvement. Are we becoming the coldest generation in the history of the world? Some Neurologists say personal interaction stimulates parts in the brain while a lack of personal interaction causes some shrinkage in brain activity.

The more technical and less personal we become, the more we run the risk of deadening the soul to a desire to love or be loved. When we always choose technical over personal communication with a loved one, we promote the cold war on the greatest gift of all – the gift of love. Call home, or text home?   Your choice!

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