Train & Change Your Brain

C. S. Lewis was told by one of his students, “we read to know that we are not alone.”

There is nothing better than sitting down, with no interruptions, and losing yourself in a book.   I love motivational books. You read about people who struggle with the same weaknesses as yourself, and you realize you are not the only one needing to make some major changes.   If you want a book that will change your way of thinking and grow you some happy feet, think about reading Shawn Achor’s book “the Happiness Advantage.” Let me share something I read in his book that is changing my life.   He talks about training your brain to focus on the positive, and how to make this happen.   He says when your brain scans for the positive; you profit from happiness, gratitude, and optimism.   You sleep better, you are aware of opportunities available to you, you are happier, more forgiving, more creative, experience fewer headaches and less stressful.   He throws out challenges that will help to train the brain to think positive.  One suggestion that really spoke to me was to write down, or tell someone three good things that happened to you today. This forces the brain to scan the last 24 hours for potential positives.

The brain is an amazing organ — An organ that you have the opportunity to train and change.  It is worth your time and your effort, and it will bring you amazing results.  Relax, and lose yourself in this great book. Practice the principles; and remember, we read to know we are not alone. We all could use some positive brain training.

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