True Fulfillment For A Woman

When God made the first woman, Eve, He called her Adam’s helpmate. He made her with a desire to be a helper to Adam.   And every woman from that day on has a desire and even a need to be a helper and a giver. We find great pleasure and satisfaction knowing we are wanted, needed, desired and loved.   These four needs must be rooted and motivated toward a woman in God’s love; otherwise, a woman can be easily used and abused by the same four needs.

Love is the greatest motivator for a woman.   God’s love, flowing toward a woman, whether it is from a husband, a boyfriend, a child, a parent, an employer, a friend, or a life coach will influence and drive a woman to accomplish the impossible. When you touch that part of a woman, you touch the heart of God, and the very meaning and purpose of her existence in this world.

Why does a woman leave her family and run off with a lover, why does a girl lose her virginity in her early teens, why does a woman stay in an abusive relationship, why does a woman seek drugs, why does a woman give and give of herself and come up so empty inside? In each case, the cause lies in either being rejected or us rejecting.  Rejection is a lonely and terrible humiliating feeling – a feeling that we were never created to experience. It is humbling to admit what we have done because of feelings and needs. Some of us were drawn into sin desiring to fulfill those needs. We must never be ashamed of the desire; it is not the needs that are sinful. God tucked those beautiful needs into a woman’s heart, and they are not to be ignored or rejected but they are to be recognized and embraced.

It is our responsibility as women to guard them, and not allow anyone to abuse or take advantage of them. We do this by following the Word of God, living in obedience to Him in our desires, and in setting healthy boundaries.

I love Proverb 4:23 that says, “Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.” A wellspring is a source of a continuous supply for your life. True fulfillment for a woman – a continuous supply of being wanted, needed, desired and loved by a people filled with God’s love.

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