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About Sally

I grew up in a small town in western Pennsylvania. My father was a mill worker and my mom was a stay-home mom raising us four children. When I was 10 years old, we moved from our little white house in the country into a ranch home closer to my father's work. Little did I realize how much that change would affect my life. I went from a happy carefree child to one being religiously indoctrinated in a very strict Church. My mom took us every Sunday to this Church, where we learned about the Bible -- mostly the laws and the "do nots". Since the early years of our life are the most impressionable, I grew up with a lot of distorted views of God.
I later married and had four wonderful children. It was during those years of raising my children that I struggled between religious laws and the grace and mercy of God the Bible described. My children grew up and went on to college, and I thank God, today they are very happy and successful.
After my children graduated from college, a friend of mine, convinced me I should go. I entered those doors with fear and trembling. I really wanted to prove that I was not stupid. I continued to carry a lot of guilt from my church with an interlacing of low self-esteem. Though my mother was a very loving and supportive parent, my father was a very angry man and his harsh words often emptied me of any confidence and self worth I had.
In my second year of college, I received the Liberal Arts Award, and later I was inducted into the National Honor Society for Psychology. I completed my education and went on to receive a Masters Degree in Psychology. I will always be grateful to Reid Carpenter, my spiritual Life Coach, for his persistent encouragement and love he extended to me during those years I struggled to be free – just to be me. Reid was the President of the Leadership Foundation in Pittsburgh.
The next ten years proved to be some of the hardest and most challenging years of my life, but some of the most productive. I went through a divorce, my parents passed away a day apart, lost my brother and my brother-in law, and it was during those 10 years that my younger sister had a stroke and died. My son John also died during that time. He was born with diabetes, and at the age of 34 we lost him. He was the most colorful one in the family, always kept the sun shining for us. You couldn't be in his presence very long without smiling. After he passed, I went through some pretty dark days. I was dealing with a lot of anger and unbearable pain. Though I found myself questioning God and asking why, I also knew that I needed Him and my faith to get me through this deep time of grieving. I began to read my Bible and pray for help.
God brought a wonderful Christian husband into my life, and he has been there for me through it all. After losing John, we met a very loving couple that came to our home every week for over a year to encourage, comfort and support us in our grief. Their love and prayers began the healing process in my heart that is still working in my life today. They became our spiritual life coaches. I cannot begin to describe the value of those visits and the help I received from them.
It has always been my faith in God that has kept me from giving up; even when my dreams evaporated like vaporing steam, vanishing like they never even existed.
What I want to communicate to my reader is if you can identify with me, and what I have shared with you, please do not be afraid to reach out and allow me to help you. Trust me, there really is a wonderful life to be lived on the other side. Don't let anything or anyone keep you from being who you really are. That is why I started the company of Pathway to Wisdom. I know there are women who can relate to what I have gone through. Pathway to Wisdom’s focus is on freeing women from toxic "tapes" that keep them in bondage and from building healthy, lasting relationships. God wants you to be free to be the happy, confident woman He created you to be. A woman - fully alive, living in freedom with beautiful gifts and talents that honor God and used to serve others.
‪Jeremiah 29:11‬‬‬‬

My Professional Background

Graduate of Penn State University Assoc. Psych.

Graduate of Grove City College B.A. Psych.– Grove City, PA

Graduate of Geneva College M.A. Psych. - Beaver Falls, PA

Graduate of Therapon University/St Thomas Ph.D. Biblical Philosophy

Graduate of Coach Training Alliance (ICF accredited)

Public Relations Director for John E. Dental Lab, Inc.

Authored the book ABEL (Answers By Empowering Learning)

Taught ABEL Classes at several Churches

Worked as an Associate Psychologist in a private practice

Worked as a Pastoral Counselor

Founded the ABEL Program Inc., a non-profit program for the abused and addicted. Taught in the Walker County Jail for 5 years helping abused and addicted women.

Private Counseling Practice in Huntsville, Texas

Worked as an associate Psychologist in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Taught Psychology at Lee Community College within the Texas Correctional facility

Worked as a Public Relations Director for WKTX Christian Radio Station


Penn State Liberal Arts Award Recipient

Alpha Sigma Lambda Academic Honorary Member

The National Honor Society in Psychology

Received four awards for best speeches at the Dale Carnegie Institute and voted

graduate assistant by class mates.


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