An Easter Revelation

An Easter Revelation

One of the greatest blessings in my life is being able to come to my Heavenly Father and know that He is there, and that He cares about me.   Growing up, I was afraid of my earthly father.   As a child, I interpreted his harshness and anger outbursts as a sign of not caring or loving me.   He worked in the steel mill and was laid off many times during my growing up years.   I was afraid to ask him for money or for anything I needed, and often trembled when he confronted me on any issue.   It was not until his later years that he began to mellow and became a Christian.   As a result of my early impressions of my earthly father image, I thought of God, “the Father” as uncaring and unreachable.   I carried this belief well into my adult years.   Going back to school as a Psychology major, after my children were grown, I learned about the brain — this wonderful, incredible organ that God created to help shape and mold my life.

Our childhood interpretations of our father’s behavior and teaching have a profound effect on the way we see our Heavenly Father. I was a living example of this truth. I needed to replace this false image in my brain with the truth. The truth that God so loved me that He gave His son’s life to bring me into a Father and daughter relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Easter is such a reminder of the sacrifice that God gave to all of us. I love I Peter 3:18 because it makes this truth so clear.   Yes, He died to forgive us of our sins and yes, he died because He loves us. But, what took Jesus to the cross was God wanting you and me to have a relationship with Him.   When that truth became real to me, I began to reach out to God and trust that He really did love me and wanted a relationship with me.

What a blessing to know that we can go behind the curtain into the Holy of Holies and fellowship with our Father who cares so much for us.   Everyday he waits to hear from us. He longs for us to fellowship with Him. He paid a great price to have a relationship with us.

Rejoice and be glad this Easter that Christ’s sacrifice allows you to experience the forgiveness and amazing love of your Heavenly Father as you fellowship with Him.

I Peter 3:18 “For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive by the Spirit.”

Tribute to My Mother

April 18, 2012

A Tribute to my Mother

My mother was an amazing woman. She was born in a little town in Virginia. Worked on the family’s little farm, along with her two brothers, until her father lost his life in a dynamite accident. She was 12 years old when this happened.   Because there was no money to keep the family together, my grandmother sent her to a relative in Cleveland, Ohio. Four years later she rejoined her mother who was now remarried to a wonderful man and lived in a tent in Pennsylvania. They were very poor, but financial hardship did not stop them from being very happy.

My father and mother met when she was only 16, they fell in love, married, had four children and spent the next 64 years together.   I was their third child. When I was 6 months old my father went off to fight in World War II. I was two years old when he returned.  During this time, mother kept us together taking in ironings, doing mending jobs etc.  She said she would walk several miles to and from the grocery store.

Growing up, I have many fond memories of my mom.   She was a full time homemaker, and never entertained the thought that being a homemaker was anything but the best job in the world. She never graduated from high school; never drove a car, never had a lot of money or clothes. Used a wringer washer for years, and loved hanging our clothes out in the fresh air. Because she was from the south we ate a lot of chicken, biscuits and gravy, grits and cornbread and beans.

Though mom was not a touchy feely person, she left no doubt in your heart that she loved you.   She was not a perfect mom, but she did a lot of things right. She not only took us to Church, but she lived the Christian life – always loving, giving and doing for others. She had a great sense of humor, and I loved making her laugh. We shared some wonderful times together, and those fond memories remain with me until the day I die.

When she was in her 70s her health began to fail from dementia. It was sad to see such a giving, loving, active woman become mentally incompetent. I loved her so much, and it hurt so deep to see her become so frail and so helpless.   One of the amazing things about my mother, the dementia never affected her sweet, loving personality.   Even when she could not talk, she could sing and hum the old gospel songs she had learned from childhood.   The nurse that helped us take care of her said she was like an angel.

My father loved her very much, and his grieving took a toll on his life. He suffered an aneurism in the brain and died Dec 23 and my mother passed the next day Dec 24.   My father entered heaven with my amazing mother Dec. 24, 1998.

This Mother’s day, if your mother is living, buy her the most beautiful card you can find and tell her how much you love her. If she has passed from this world, write a tribute to your mother – your amazing mother.

The Electronic Thief

It pleased God when Solomon asked for an understanding heart. I Kings 3:9 Because he didn’t ask for something for himself, God, not only gave him wisdom, but God gave him riches and fame. Our God is a giver; He loves to share His blessings with us.

When my grandchildren come to visit, I have this immense desire to give them something, I think, they would like. I want them to enjoy coming and visiting with me. I am often told I go overboard. I guess it is a grandma thing. Maybe it is because I never had grandparents. My grandparents were all deceased before I was 6 years old. I love my grand kids, and I love giving to them. Truth be known, I would give more if I had the means. I’m not talking huge gifts, I don’t have that kind of money, and I am wise enough to know that limits are necessary.  I think giving is my love-language.

What often concerns me is how preoccupied, and even obsessed, kids are with cell phones, computers pods, pads, and all kinds of electronic devices.   You know what really baffles my grandma mind? It seems they get more pleasure and excitement communicating with this little hand-held device than communicating face to face with real people – like you and me. Ouch! Is technology robbing them of the benefits and the pleasure coming from a relationship with someone who loves them unconditionally?   Maybe we are the ones getting robbed. Feels like there is a thief somewhere in all of this.

Then, I think how God must feel when He gives to us, and we are so preoccupied twittering around doing things that bring us more pleasure than spending time with Him. Or how about this? – When we give Him our mechanical rote prayers that we pray over and over again. Are we really hoping to get an answer?

We don’t like it very much when we feel ignored by those we love. God doesn’t like it very much either when we ignore Him.   Solomon knew that to fulfill his calling, he needed more than what man could invent. When he asked for wisdom, he was asking for a relationship with a real live God, the only one who could give him the wisdom that he needed to fulfill his destiny. Beyond all human technology, God gave Solomon the mind of Christ. What a gift. And the gift is available to all who seek a relationship with Him.

Be A Giver, Not A Taker

God is a giver – The earth, the seas, the way He watches over you and me.

The air we breathe, the sun the moon, the stars, the flowers, animals, birds and bees, and oh yes, the beautiful, towering trees. These all come from a loving God, giving continually to you and me.

Offerings of peace and joy, faith and love – unlimited supply He sends from above.

Oh Mighty One, how can it be that we, unworthy, are so blessed to receive.

And, may we learn from God’s unselfish nature — to be a giver and not a taker.


Wisdom – The Greatest Giver (Proverbs 3 & 4)

“Happy is the man or woman who finds Wisdom and gains understanding.” Prov. 3:13

Who doesn’t want to be happy? I never heard anyone say, I’m seeking sadness.”   Sadness is like dirt; it is all around us. The Bible says Wisdom is like a hidden treasure. You must seek, search and dig for it. If I told you somewhere in your back yard I buried a million dollars.  How diligent would you be in finding it?   I’d be doing some serious digging, and probably bringing in some major equipment. And, I wouldn’t stop until I found it!

Solomon says Wisdom is even more valuable than fine gold, silver or rubies. He is giving us a material value to wisdom, and then he says — And that’s not all; you will also get: Honor, peace, happiness and a longer life.   Who doesn’t want to wake up to another day — especially another day of honor, peace and happiness?

But wait there’s more: Wisdom gives life to your soul, health to your flesh, peace, security, protection, sweet sleep and a confidence in the Lord. Now I’d say that’s worth digging for. What a giver God is. He always gives us more than we give Him.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom…” (Proverbs 9:10) How do I get wisdom? The beginning requires a surrender of your life to God. Read His word, do what it tells you to do, seek wise counsel, and hang out with the wise.  It really is pretty simple, and look what we gain in return.  Make no mistake. God is Love, God is Wisdom, and God is, and always will be, the greatest Giver.

A CHRISTMAS POEM by Sally Tankersley

Long ago in the little town of Bethlehem

A welcomed baby’s cry filled and sweetened the air.

Mary’s tears fell softly, kissing the tiny little hands.

Joseph was weeping, the moment too Holy to share.

The baby stopped crying, his face wet with God’s tears

The angels were singing, God’s songs He could hear

Glory to God and great peace to the earth

For all who welcome and honor my Son’s birth.

Where would you be had His birth never been

And Christ had never died for all of your sins.

The Spirit of God could not dwell your heart.

The sins you’ve committed would keep you apart.

Grace would not be, and the law would rule.

If Christ had not battled for your soul in that duel.

The baby’s cry was your victory, soon to sweeten the air.

Angels singing, your soul won back safe in the Father’s care.

It Was There All The Time!

I haven’t written a blog in a long time.  You know why?  I was busy seeking for a ministry where I could get involved.   Every time I thought I had arrived in finding just the right one for me, the door would close.  Every door I thought should open didn’t, while familiar doors stood before me wide open.   What could that possibly mean?  Hmmm, surely God had something more, something better, easier, or something greater.  Greater?  Whose eyes was I looking through?   I began to ask myself, who was I allowing to hold the measuring stick for my greatness – my family, my friends, or maybe my Church?  I was tired of pounding on locked doors and searching for the seemingly unattainable ministry.  I decided to give up the search.  Obviously, my efforts were not taking me in God’s direction.  Thinking the open doors didn’t seem to fit the description for “ministry,” I really didn’t pay a lot of attention to what was right in front of me.

Then something happened inside of me one morning in seeking for God’s help in prayer.  The words spoken at our last bible class began to come to my mind.  The building of the tower to Babel was man’s efforts, and not God’s plan for His people.  Those words stuck in my head all day.   As I began to surrender my efforts, I began to see clearly. Why had it taken so long for my eyes to see and my understanding to be enlightened?  It was like a roadblock had been removed, and the debris and brush that had hidden the right pathway from me had been cleared.   Suddenly, those familiar open doors, which led me to the people and events in my every day life, became more than just my every day life.   They were the ministry I had been searching to find —  my husband, our home, my children, my grandchildren, my friends and neighbors, our business – the John E. Dental Lab, and my Life Coaching Business.   What was I thinking?  Why had I missed it? Why did I always think I was not doing enough?   Maybe for the same reason the children of God tried building the tower of Babel.   They wanted to reach God in their own way.  Maybe I wanted to serve God in the way “I thought” He wanted to be served.  One thing we do know satan is always at the root of our distractions from God.   He loves nothing better than to make our walk hard, fruitless, and discouraging.   Then we will question God and wonder why he is not answering our prayers.

Why was I busy seeking another ministry, when God has given me a great ministry; it was there all the time!    Because the enemy of our soul seeks to steal, kill, and destroy what God is doing in our life.   I am thankful He did not succeed.   God and His patience and His amazing grace removed the roadblock and cleared the Pathway to Wisdom in my time of need, and I’m so glad He did.

A Gift From The Heart

Love is a gift from the heart,

It is not measured by gifts received.

Loaned for a time and then it must part,

Leaving only precious memories to breathe.

The Word of God

I love the Word for in it we find the wisdom of God.  I was reading Titus, the 3rd chapter, this morning and found simple instructions to keep our lives free from stress.  The Word says avoid quarreling, instead be gentle and show humility to everyone to everyone.  We all were foolish and disobedient at one time in our foolish and disobedient at one time in our lives and slaves to sinful desires and pleasures.  He goes on to say how God showed us His kindness and love.  He saved us, not because of the good things we did, but because of His mercy.  He gave us the Holy spirit when He brought us into a relationship with our Heavenly Father — all because of what Jesus Christ, our savior, did for us on the Cross.  Then we also read in Titus not to get involved in foolish discussions and to stay away from people who cause divisions.  A stress-free life found only in Him, through Him.  Pathway To Wisdom will always lead you to the Word.  God bless, and make it a great day for Him!


Sally graduated from Geneva college with a M.A. in Psychology.  She has four children and 5 grandchildren.  She works as a Professional Certified Life Coach.  She enjoys helping women discover the wisdom God placed in them to build and direct their life


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