Stopping the Cycle of Abuse and Addiction

Are you at your wits end concerning a loved one who is caught up in an abusive relationship, or are you involved in one yourself? Addiction or abuse or both destroy lives! Why destroy what God has created? – that means You! Lets work at destroying what is trying to destroy you or one of your loved ones. Through God’s help, prayer and support the cycle of addiction or abuse can be broken! Nothing is impossible when God is in the equation.


Believe That All Things are Possible

Faith begins by believing, hoping, and yes even by a dream.  Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream.”  You and I …


Easy Faith vs. Hard Faith

What in the world is easy faith? And does that mean there is a hard faith? You wake up, you dress, shower, grab your coffee, …


Wise Men Pray, Only Fools Rush In

At age 21 and with no experience, Solomon is crowned King of Israel.  In today’s world Solomon would have to be college …