Sally has helped me very much and I am sincerely grateful to her.  She is soft-spoken, down-to-earth and an excellent listener.  She is understanding and very wise.  She definitely knows her bible and can cite references that apply to all aspects of life.  After much experience with other types of talk therapy and advice, Sally's was by far the most effective for me in attaining actual results and improvement in my attitude and perspective on life.  I thank God for Sally as she reacquainted me with Him.  Sally is an excellent life coach and I highly recommend her.


"I have been very fortunate to have Sally as my life coach. She is very educated and applies a lot of discernment, wisdom and direction. Sally is very motivational and she walked me through a family crisis. She helped me realize my own innate abilities and helped me to use them to work through a serious problematic situation. She helped me dig deep and recognize the manipulation that was going on in my life, and not to be so readily available for another crisis. Her coaching has freed me to move on in my life, and has brought peace to me and my family. I would definitely recommend Sally to anyone who is wanting a more happy and fulfilled life. "

Sue from Ohio

Sally is an excellent listener. Having her as my life coach has been a great blessing. Her compassion helped me feel safe in opening up and sharing areas that needed some positive changes. As we worked together, I became more confident in myself and in my relationship with God. Today, I am a much stronger, and wiser, woman. I would recommend Sally to any woman who needs a life coach.

Vicki from Texas

When I learned that my friend, Sally, was going to train to be a Life Coach, I jokingly asked her if I could be her first test case. When she "seriously" decided to go forward with the training, then I "seriously" asked to be her first test case. I knew I had things going on in my life that I wasn't sure how to handle.

In our conversations Sally would ask me questions and would help me look at things in a different way. She would then take what I had told her, and put it back at me...and it sounded so much better. She has been the motivational force behind my making some decisions that needed to be made, and given me a more conventional method of carrying them out and obtaining good results. I really appreciate her insight and input. And we aren't done yet!!!

Gretchen from Ohio


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