What is a Christian Life Coach?

Christian Life Coaching is founded on Godly wisdom and principles. Coaching is different than Counseling in that the goal of Coaching is not to deal with the past, but to move you forward to where you want or need to be. All coaching sessions are kept strictly confidential.
Coaching is like a having a personal trainer, you tell the trainer what you want to achieve in your life, and your trainer supports and guides you through whatever time it takes for you to reach your goal. In the same way, Christian Life Coaching assists in helping you gain the insight and wisdom you need to accomplish your desired needs and wishes.
A Christian Life Coach helps to keep you focused. In working through issues alone, one can get discouraged, procrastinate, or even give up.
Working with me through Pathway to Wisdom, you will receive validation, praise, encouragement, hope and confidence as I guide and cheer you on to many victories. You will see your faith and confidence in God, and in yourself, being renewed and strengthened.
Christian Life Coaching is stimulating, enlightening, and even fun as together we explore, discover, and uncover your worth and value as the woman you were created to be. And, most important, I will pray with and for you as we journey together on the Pathway To Wisdom.


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