Why You Need a Coach

What is a Life Coach?

Life coaching is a powerful dialogue between two people, you and your personal life coach. Everything is kept strictly confidential. We work as a team overcoming obstacles as you discover new and different ways of looking at a situation. Life coaching is so amazing as it enlightens your awareness of your own God-given wisdom in facing your own life challenges. As we work together, you will find that the wisdom and insight you gain will promote you to new heights that you never dreamed you could attain. You will find our time together to be rewarding, stimulating, enlightening, and even fun as we co-create possibilities for your life! I will be there to encourage, guide, and to help you arrive at your desired goals and destination. Life coaching is about helping you live the life God created just for you and enjoying all the blessings along the way!
Learn how Sally can help you get a handle on life challenges like, building a stronger faith in God, dating the right man, marriage and family situations, conflict resolution, better communication skills and working through forgiveness.

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